's Moon Pie Fest West Setlists




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Thanks- Gary H.)

(Opening: 3-piece polka band!)

"Due Regazzi Sulla Luna" a/k/a the Spaminato brothers)

from the Program:

"Presentato da Giuseppe e Giovanni Spampinato.

"Molto lontano oltremare / Al sud dell'Italia / La chiamano Sicilia / Ma adesso sono qui con voi e me!"

"I nostri cuori gonfiano con oroglio presentandovi questa esibizione speciale del duetto straordinario di Giuseppe e Giovanni, I Fratelli Spaminato (Si pronuncia come si scrive e si scrive come si pronuncia!). Le loro voci si fondono insieme creando tale bellissime armonie che molta gente crede che "Spampinato" e' Italiano per "Everly." Pensiamo che voi sarete d'accordo."

Johnny: "Welcome Everybody... Where's our tape ?" ( a few seconds later a pre-recorded Italian song plays over the PA. Johnny and Joey enter wearing checkered (tablecloths??) as capes. - Dr. Midnight

Baby Be Mine
Spider (from the upcoming kid's record, titled: "You're Nice People, You Are")
Still In School
Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy
Hey Doll Baby

(NRBQ enters, stage right)

--- encore: ---



(featuring the Return of the Magic Box*)

from the Program:

"At long last, the famous NRBQ Magic Box is back! It's not "Stump The Band" or "Name That Tune" - it's more like a cross between the I Ching and "Sing Along With Mitch." Audience members are invited to submit the names of songs they've always wanted to hear the Q perform. If your choice is picked at random from the magic box, the band will do it's darndest to give the tune a very special interpretation, whether or not they've ever played it before!"

(Click here for a list of songs placed in the box that the band didn't pick...)

I Love You Too Much
Rain At The Drive-In
Hold Me Tight (wow!)
Be Here Now
Mambo Jambo
How Can I Make You Love Me

*Instant Karma
*Shop Around
*Quiet Village
*Caroline No
(wow again!)

That's Neat That's Nice
I Feel Good
Next Stop Brattleboro
Little Floater

*Lucy In The Sky (with glasses!!- actually Judy In Disguise)

Get Rhythm
RC Cola and a Moon Pie (with this rendition, the Moon Pie Fights begin to materalize)

--- encore---

Wild Weekend (Johnny has a new, rather mean, guitar arrangement on the verses- kind of Link Wray-ish- I like it!)
Rocket In My Pocket (with "My Love" ending)




(Opening- the Thornhill Elementary School Jazz Orchestra)

A word about the opener-These are elementary school kids, who at first listen, seem to be joking (in the best sense of that word). But a few minutes later it becomes apparent that this is the next generation of jazz musicians (and fans). Despite their obvious lack of experience (I mean, there were six year olds on that stage!), these kids are being encouraged to openly listen to some pretty experimental music. I was touched by one piece called "Tailgater's Lullabye", written especially for the group, and performed with, Tyrone Hill. Overall, the group sounded a little like Portsmouth Sinfonia for jazz. I started laughing, and ended up impressed (but still laughing). All of the parents in the club made for an interesting scene, and the kids were allowed to stay for the first Q set!


from the Program:

"WARNING: The Management assumes no responsibility for anything."

Tough as it was to follow Thornhill, these two young performance artists were full of pep and as Popeye would say, "vitaliky".

Here's the skinny:artists were full of pep and as Popeye would say, "vitaliky". Here's the skinny:

Jamaica Farewell (Kingston Town): Tom sings karaoke-style while Terry wears a cowboy hat and square dances solo around the room.(image)
Jamaica Farewell (Kingston Town): Tom sings karaoke-style while Terry wears a cowboy hat and square dances solo around the room. (That's not a misprint, they did the whole thing twice in a row!)
Everybody's Chicken (poem based on "Everybody's Smokin'"), recited by Terry at the clavinet
This Guy's In Love With You (Tommy sings, Terry at the Yamaha synth and featuring Dave Gordon as "Herb Alpert")
The Great Grey Ghost (Poem recited by Terry, with Tom at the drumkit)
Reelin' In The Years (recited by Tom and Terry- best line- "That weekend at the college didn't turn out like YOU planned!") (image)
"Sorry" (Terry holds a cassette recorder to the mic and plays Connie Francis' "Who's Sorry Now"; Tommy replies with a recording of Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" from a boom box) (image)
Go Away Little Girl (lipsycnch by Terry, with Tom as the "little girl") (image)
Snare drum duet (image)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (karaoke) (image)

(NRBQ Enters.)

That's Neat That's Nice
Me & The Boys
Ridin' In My Car
Sea Cruise (Johnny- great version!)
(jazz instrumental with New Orleans flavor)
I Want You Bad
My Girlfriend's Pretty
Gotta Be Loose
Don't She Look Good
Wild Weekend

--- encore ---

RC Cola & A Moon Pie (The band gets into the Moonpie Fight act)




(A Tribute to Micky Rooney)

from the Program:

"Finding the words to describe the magnitude of Mickey Rooney's talents is no easy task. Born Joe Yule, Jr. on September 23, 1920, Mickey crawled out onto the vaudeville stage at the age of three to break up his mother and dad's act. Two years later he appeared in his first film role, as a midget, in "Not To Be Trusted." (1926) From there, Mickey went on to display not on;y remarkable talent as an actor but an incredible versatility in every field of show business. Mickey has been nominated for the Academy Award© as an actor, plays just about every musical instrument, dances creditably, directs films,and is also a songwriter. He has recorded many records, including a Christmas album in 1979. His carrer has been a string of comebacks, and he has survived eight marriges. Mickey went from Number One box office star in the world to being a so-called "has-been" to proving himself in outstanding TV dramas of the 1950s, such as the live Playhouse 90 production "The Comedian," Alcoa Presents production of "Eddie," and guest appearances on shows such as "Naked City," "The Twilight Zone," "The Fugitive" and "Checkmate," as well as unforgettable appearances on "The Tonight Show," "The $20,000 Pyramid" and, recently, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Today he is finally recognized as the legend that he is."

Here Comes Terry
Everybody's Smokin' (and everybody lights up)

(tape of Tommy talking to Micky Rooney on a radio phone-in show)

Crazy Girl
Designated Driver
All By Myself
I Love You Too Much
(yet another instrumental- I must have a mental block against song names toinight!) (image)

Mickey Rooney poem- "I Tried" (image)

Rocket #9
Ain't It Allright

Micky Rooney (Girl Scout Cookies- actually, I kind of miss "Just Got Lucky!")

Out The Windo
Captain Lou
RC Cola & A Moon Pie (they're flying fast and furious now!)

--- encore ---

Daddy Don't Tell You No Lies
Take Me To Your Secret
I Feel Good
God Bless Us All
I Want You To Feel Good Too




featuring the Terry Adams/ Marshall Allen Duo

from the Program:

"We are very proud to have as our special guests three good friends and great musicians, from the Sun Ra Arkestra: Saxophonist Marshall Allen, Truempeter Dave Gordon and Trombonist Tyrone Hill.

"Although Sun Ra is physically no longer with us on this planet, his music and spirit are very much alive in the form of the Sun Ra Arkestra, which continues to perform under the direction of Marshall Allen who has been a vital contributor to the Arkestra's music since the late 1950s. The Arkestra and NRBQ go back a long way together: the two bands have played together many times, and members of the Arkestra past and present have appeared with the Q on numerous occasions over the years, on record and on stage. Marshall, Dave and Tyrone all appeared on Terry Adams' acclaimed debut solo album, "Terrible," and last year Terry and Marshall gave a much praised duo performance at New York's Brooklyn Museum. We are happy to present the West Coast prmiere of the Terry Adams / Marshall Allen Duo."

(I had a complete set list of this fantastic show, but a waitress threw it in the trash while they were clearing the room! The following is compiled from various posts at the nrbq mail list. Please e-mail corrections. In the meantime, suffice to say that between the Duo and the full band, this was one of the most satisfying 'Q sets I have ever seen!)

THE DUO (approximate- see above):

(Chopin nocturne?)
Piano Red's Boogie (image)
Interstellar Low Ways
Friday the 13th
Next Stop Brattleboro
Prelude To A Kiss
Is That All There Is
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
(Thinking of You)

NRBQ (sans Johnny)

Dog (image)

(enter Johnny)

Out The Windo
Blues Stay Away from Me
Be Here Now
Green Light
Too Much
You Can't Hide
Mambo Jambo
C'mon Everybody
Kind of Hush
(Tommy, with Terry on drums) (image)
Hold Me Tight
(Terry's new "train" song)
Puddin' Truck
R.C. Cola and a Moon Pie
(very intense pie fight!)

--- encore ---




opener: The El Camino Cha Cha Orchestra (image)

Once again, the 'Q provide us with a very pleasent surprise in an opening act. Great music for fans of Tito Puente!

(NRBQ's Happy Hour!!)

from the Program:

"What better way to finish off a festival than with something festive?-- An all purpose party celebrating Johnny's Third NRBQ Anniversary, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Mardis Gra, Valentine's Day, The Dawning of the Age Of Aquarius, and gettin' through the first five shows alive! Anything goes tonight!"

Here Comes Terry (the band enters with the horns playing the theme, all wearing big grass hats) (image, band) (image, Marshall)
12-Bar Blues (image)
Hey Little Brother
Teenager In Love (Tommy, with Terry on drums)
Johnny Shut The Gate (image)
Somebody's In Love
Rocket In My Pocket (w/ "My Love" ending)
One & Only
What Can I Say
RC Cola & A Moon Pie (Terry, on the flying pies of death: "You people don't understand! These are for YOU! We've got plenty!") (image)
I Want You Bad
We're Gonna Party Tonight
Immortal For A While
A Little Bit Of Bad (w/ "She Loves You" ending)
Loose (absolutely SMOKIN' version, as Johhny's stomp boxes are covered with Moon Pies) (image)

--- encore ---

Get Rhythm
If I Don't Have You



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