Easy Guitar Arrangements

Transcriptions by Gary Hobish

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A few notes--

These transcriptions should be very easy to follow. The standard format is a chord name followed by a number of slashes, the number generally matching the number of beats in a bar, i.e.:

[  G  /  /  /  C  /  /  /  ]  = 2 bars of 4/4, one of G followed by one of C.

A slash over the very beginning of a line indicates that the chord is continuing from the previous line.


If the chords don't line up with the words... probably need to set the Fixed Font in your browser to an actual fixed-width font, like Courier or Monaco.


About copyrights:

Please note: The copyrights on these songs are owned by their authors and publishers. No copyright is claimed on these transcriptions, and no payment of any kind for their use is requested- they are for personal fun only!


Song Index:

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Notes For Use    Chord Alignment   About Copyrights    

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